Hermes is Kronus Software's complete mailsort software solution

There are four basic versions of Hermes Mailsort Software:

  1. Hermes Mailsort Software Limited Edition at £95.00
  2. Hermes Mailsort Software Light at £295.00
  3. Hermes Mailsort Software Professional at £1,495.00
  4. Hermes Mailsort Software Premier £2,995.00

  5. Prices exclude VAT

Hermes Mailsort Software is certified by the Royal Mail & can be used for:

  1. Mailsort 1400
  2. Presstream
  3. Walksort
  4. Mailsort 700 (customer bar coding)
  5. Mailsort 120

All products are enabled for Pricing in Proportion update (21st August 2006).

Hermes combines an easy to use Windows interface with the power of Kronus Mailsort to produce the best & fastest mailsort solution available in the UK.

Hermes Mailsort Software screen1


The Hermes mailsort software interface makes mailsorting simple & gives the user the ability to easily view input & output data fields along with mailsort codes allocated during the mailsort run. The user can also view mailsort reports & mailsort bag label files, produced automatically by our mailsort software, with a single mouse click.


As well as being easy to use our mailsort software is both fast & powerful. Hermes mailsort software works directly on your data so there's no overhead for importing or exporting records.

Hermes can mailsort up to 4 million records an hour.

Hermes Mailsort Software can accept the following file formats directly:

  • Fixed Field
  • Fixed Record format
  • Comma Delimited (CSV) format
  • Dbase (DBF) format

Hermes mailsort software can sort your direct, residue & non mailsorted records in the order that you need. Hermes can also add bag & mailsort code break markers & produce your data in reverse order if you wish.
Hermes will organise your foreign data into zone or alphabetical order and extract to a separate file if required.

If you need to use your mailsorted data in a hurry our mailsort software can even produce your data in batches so you don't have to wait until the whole mailsort is complete.

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