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Kronus eBureau is a completely new, 24hour a day, 7 days a week, fully automated Direct Mail data processing service designed to allow registered users to run Mailsorts, Deduplications, Postcoding and other general processing services without having to purchase expensive software or data files.
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Using BT's latest ADSL technology, Kronus eBureau is able to receive, process & dispatch jobs at speeds up to 1.5 million records per hour, with a current job throughput of 3 million records per hour.

eBureau analyses your data for you

Kronus eBureau uses an easy to use Wizard to create job set-ups. This is then dispatched, along with the data file, via email to the eBureau server. The Wizard even analyses your data for you to reduce to a minimum any data definition requirements.

Processing is fully automated, thus reducing costs to approximately a quarter of industry standard rates. Additional cost reductions can be made by utilising overnight and non-priority queues. Test runs are FREE to allow pre-run setup checking. Invoice and statements are also generated automatically and can be requested at any time by the user.

The Wizard is FREE and by downloading this Wizard, you will get chance to try the service for FREE. It's almost as easy to use as email.

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