Hermes Packages.
Hermes can be purchased in the following package deals:
Hermes Limited Edition (Limited to a maximum of 30,000 records,includes 30 day support)
Hermes Light (No top limit but not recommended for mailings bigger than 100,000,includes 90 day support)
Hermes Professional (includes 12 months support)
Hermes Premier (includes Walksort & Mailsort 700 modules & Kronus DataSet, 12 months support)

You can upgrade to a more powerful version at any time, all you pay for is the difference.
The automated Kronus eBureau service is available for those occasional jobs your software version is unable to do, so there is no need to purchase more than you need.

View and define your data visually

Kronus DataSet is an extremely useful tool for viewing your data & visually defining fields for use with Kronus Io document formatting package, Kronus Hermes mailsort package & Kronus Hydra deduplication package. Using DataSet eliminates errors when defining your record layouts.

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