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Kronus Software was founded in 1989. Our main objective has always been to assist throughput, quality & cost effectiveness of any company wishing to personalise documents.

Our software is probably the fastest, most powerful available in the United Kingdom. It is used by some of the largest electronic printing sites as well as data processing bureaux & volume commercial mailers. It is suitable for any personalised document ranging from standard personalised letters, complex payment booklets, billing applications & parts listings.

Our total dedication to high quality software & customer service has been recognised by names such as Xerox & Dell, thus allowing us to provide superior software & hardware solutions. We also pride ourselves on our bespoke programming service through which we are able to provide solutions for virtually any specific task.

All Kronus software & services are produced in the United Kingdom, thus allowing us to provide you with support when YOU need it.

*Ongoing support is provided for an annual fee through our Customer Care Program.

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