Hydra Deduplication Software screen1

Hydra is Kronus Software's Deduplication Software system.

There are four basic versions of Hydra Deduplication Software:

  1. Hydra Deduplication Software Limited Edition at £99.00
  2. Hydra Deduplication Software Light at £1495.00
  3. Hydra Deduplication Software Professional at £2,995.00
  4. Hermes Deduplication Software Premier £4,995.00

  5. Prices exclude VAT

Combining an easy to use Windows interface & the power of Kronus Dedupe Sofware, Hydra allows the easy removal of duplicates from up to 99 files with the same or different formats at one time.

Hydra can use pre-defined Dedupe Keys such as AREA, SURNAME & ROAD to find duplicates. Alternatively if a field exists where an exact match can be found, for instance a unique reference number, you can define the field co-ordinates to guarantee the removal of every duplicate.

Deduplication Software Hydra screen2

Setting up a dedupe job with Hydra Dedupe Sofware is easy:

Up to 99 files can be included in a dedupe job, the files appearing as a simple list in the Hydra window. Individual file settings can be viewed or changed in a clear & simple window. Files can be added or removed with a single mouse click.

Hydra automatically produces reports containing the dedupe statistics & a two up listing showing the duplicates side by side. Hydra even allows the user to display additional fields not used in the dedupe on the report.

Once your deduplication job has finished you can view or print the dedupe statistics & listings with the single click of a button.