Kronus Software
Io print & data formatting system

Data Tape and Media Conversions

Kronus can convert most magnetic tape media usually this can be done on a "same day" service.

The converted data can be dispatched by email, ftp or CD.


Conversion Charges

Please note that all charges shown are exclusive of VAT and P+P for tape return

Dat DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4 £30 per file
Half inch tape (9 track) £25 per file
3490e £50 per file
3490 £50 per file
3480 £50 per file

Only flat file formats can be converted. If the tape contents are created by one of many backup system available then conversion will not be possible.

Ebcdic to Ascii conversions and ICL 7 bit ascii conversions are included in the cost.